I am a Foldy.

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Isn't that a lovely term? I came across it in an Icelandic thriller (read in the original of course :wink: ) and it's gym-personal-trainer slang for a 'fat oldy' - well it is in Iceland so I presume it is over here: I shall ask my trainer next time I see her.

I shall soon be a toothless foldy too, I need a number of extractions thanks to advanced gum disease: honestly, when you need something to hurt to let you know things aren't right it doesn't . . . . DD


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    Well, I've heard it all now! Personally I wouldn't dream to even think of using such an expression to describe you DD.

    I hope the extractions are as painless as possible, and your mouth heals quickly.

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    I thought you had taken up gymnastics, or failing that yoga.
    Hope the teeth extractions go well.
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    Thank you both, I rather liked the irony of 'foldy' as fold is something I cannot do :lol:

    The extractions are not due yet, there is much to be done beforehand plus they are not hurting . . . . . I had my first session with the hygienist today, unpleasant and foul on the joints but hey-ho, what isn't? I came home with four sizes of interdental brushes, so what with them and the brushing I think my tooth cleaning routine will now take up much of the day. :wink: I have two further sessions with her to go: I celebrated the end of the first by eating a rather large bar of whole nut chocolate. A girl needs some consolation. DD