Food to eat or not

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I have been avoiding tomatoes as I was led to believe they are inflammatory. I have since read that is a myth so which is the case as i like tomatoes esp in a seeded bread roll with cucumber and lettuce and cheese. I've cut right down on potatoes started eating chicken instead of beef and lamb and started eating more Salmon and Tuna (frozen alas as it's too expensive fresh) I really would like to keep eating tomatoes.


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    I know that tomatoes aggravate my OA as do chutneys, pickles and vinegar but a little every now and again causes little trouble: I attribute this to excess acidity in these foodstuffs. When I was small I was not allowed to eat fruit (apart from bananas), dairy or eggs as these things would aggravate either my skin, my breathing or both thanks to my over-active immune system.

    I have tried a few elimination diets over my arthritic years and nothing apart from the meds has 'worked' in terms of reducing inflammation. If you want to establish once and for all whether a foodstuff is a culprit then you have to exclude it for at least three months then gradually reintroduce it, keeping a diary of possible reactions: been there, done that, all deadly dull. Have a little of what you fancy but nothing to excess, we need a variety of nutrients and vitamins for our overall health. DD
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    as for foods , there is no right or wrong ,

    some of us have problems with tomatoes , I also have problems with grapes , oranges , apples & lettuce but only a small % are the same , some have problems with lactose & glutens , just try it out yourself
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    I think it's a 'horses for courses' thing and everyone should eat what works for them. Obviously, if you find a connection between certain foods and flares then avoid them. A basic Mediterranean diet and healthy weight are what count.