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hi all finally been able to log in
I have osteoarthritis and am having steroid injections in my spine on Saturday. My pain consultant has told me this is the last time due to NICE now not allowing them?
has anyone else been told this
hope its not true they are my life-saver!


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    Hi and welcome,I've only managed to come up with nice website
    there maybe people here that have insight into the problem but if any assistance is required just ask and we shall do our best.
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    Hello, I hope the injection goes well, is effective and lasts for some time. I have OA but not in my spine (yet) and found steroid injections useless apart from one into my right ankle: after three months of relative ease it all returned so I haven't bothered since.

    I would be very surprised if what you have been told is true, I know they ration how many they give (and rightly so) but I'm not sure what they would be stopped. I wish you well. DD
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    Hello from me too.

    I, too, would be surprised if tthese have been withdrawn. It has, however, always been the case that we can only have a limited amount as otherwise they can do more harm than good. I hope this one works. Ask for clarification from whoever is doing it.
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    As Sticky says there is a limit to the number of times an individual can have this form of treatment; it's not clear from your post whether you've had these before and so have reached that cut-off.
    NICE guidelines are constantly being updated which can affect what treatments are available to patients and there has been a review of the use of steroid injections for certain types of lower back pain which has concluded that they should no longer be offered in those cases. However I don't think your example falls into that group(but I'm not a medic), so you need to get clarification to find out if there is a good clinical reason for refusing further injections or whether it's a problem of interpretation of the guidelines.
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    Hello and a warm welcome form me..
    I had 3 spine injections and was offered more, but sadly they didn't work has good so I declined..I think if you push for more they will do them