A Plea To Website Designer's.

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Having arther on my back means fingers don't work as well as I could want, many of us use tablets when using the internet, the space between titles, the person who wrote the post often gets touched by mistake. My finger ends hurt as well so I often have to use my knuckles which is not easy, fed up with trying to touch something to bring the page up I have to give up. This also extends to how many movements you have to make to navigate around. The font selection is less than 1/4inch across, what ever happened to widescreen? By the time a keyboard is taking up half the screen the tools often dissapear. Try putting your arthritic finger on a colour selection square! Surely software can cope with all of this?

For an Arthritis webpage not to consider this is odd, to say the least! Come on designers, get your act together!!!


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    I'm no website designer but two things which might help, many websites these days have an accessibility button and the windows operating system also has accessibility features which might help.
    The other more pratical thing might to buy somekind of stylus/pen to use with the tablet/phone, I have one that came with my tablet case which has a soft rounded tip and is like a fairly thick pen, a quick way to make it easier to grip is to wrap a rubber band round a few times to make a grip. Hope this helps.
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    Males usually have thicker fingers than females, that is not taken into the design account at all, is it? When my hands are playing up I use a stylus in each hand, it takes a little longer to type things out, and a little more concentration, but it certainly reduces keyboard errors. DD
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    DD, you are a genius! Well, what I mean is I'd never thought of that :wink: A stylus is more accurate but slower, I find. I'm OK on a proper keyboard but, on my tablet it's another matter. I can see myself tapping away like a proper drummer. I might try that.
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    The same applies to the research website, many of the links are too close together to be able to place your finger exactly on the required link easily. The map of the site page is terrible! I haven't looked at all the pages but the ones I looked at could be improved for arthritis sufferers.

    Why on earth isn't widescreen used rather than default to wide unused screen width, surely software can cope?
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    Hi Airwave
    yes I know what you mean about the default setting for width, I will pass on your feedback as a new website will be built shortly.
    Thank you!!

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