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Hi all,

Well this is something i haven’t tried before (an online forum) but i feel anything which may offer support & talking to others who understand these conditions can only be beneficial right?

So i’m 26, i was diagnosed 4 years ago with arthritis in my spine and hips - i’m currently having tests as i have started to get pain & numbness in my hands/arms can’t leave them out no can i :’) - when first diagnosed i couldn’t use my legs, i’d lost feeling which lasted 3-4 weeks and doctors thought i wouldn’t be able to walk again it literally came on so quickly my life flipped upaide down overnight, but here i am 4 years later still ‘walking’ as it where but living with numbness/days of no feeling.

I’d love to hear your stories, how you cope day to day, i know personally my pain killers are having zero affect does anyone else swap and change pain meds a lot?
I’m also wait on a surgery date to fuse 2 discs and i believe shave off a joint how have others found surgery?

And finally i have also been trying to be as healthy as possible, i found i put on weight after diagnosis - i went from dancing & karate to bed bound - any tips? i currently have physio & disabled swim classes - essentially stretching and light walking in a pool.

Hope to meet you all & hope your having ‘good days’

Mara :)


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    Hi mara welcome to the forum you are definitely among friends here we all acknowledge our arthritis and give friendly advice,I am one of the moderators with Osteoarthritis 2 knee replacements and 1 hip replacement which is a year old the knees a few years old,so we all understand what you are going through.You will find the forums friendly and welcoming. The most popular forums are Living with Arthritis and Chit Chat.
    All the best
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    Hi Mara. Lovely to meet you though, as we say in these parts, sorry you needed to find us.

    That must all have been very scary. I associate pins and needles with nerve damage. Is that right? I don't have much of a problem with my spine but have RA everywhere else. And, as a result OA. I've had knees and hips replaced but no spinal surgery. It all went fine for me.

    I don't take many painkillers so I don't change them really (just lowest dose cocodamol) except when the hospital has sent me home with something stronger and I get back to as little as possible as soon as possible.

    I hope other 'spinals' will be along soon but, if you have questions, try the Living With Arthritis forum as more people look in on there.
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    Hello Mara and a warm welcome form me
    I do feel for you being so young..but hopefully you can get a proper diagnosis..not easy...weight is such a problem when you cant exercise has much I know to my cost..I do hope you get some answers very soon..they still cant make there minds up on me..but at the moment I have had both hips replaced..but have back problems and OA in my hands neck, and feet..
    Hope to see your name around the forum :)