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I've had osteoarthritis for many years, having had both hips replaced about 15 yrs ago, and also knee and back problems. I have just recently been diagnosed with cmc arthritis of the thumb joint, and am struggling to find suitable information on what type of splint to wear, and for how long it should be worn etc. My gp just gave me some ibrugen gel, said to get a thumb spica, and not to wear it all the time, and things would settle. My problem is, that I found a Orliman brace, which seems to do the job, but does not give much support to the wrist, and as soon as I take it off I am in great pain straight away. I'm not sure how long it is meant to take for it to settle. Thanks for any pointers.


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    Hi and welcome,there is bound to be people here to give advice - in the meantime I've found this which may help
    I hope it helps - any questions about the site just ask.
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    Hi and welcome from me too. I'm afraid I don't even know what cmc arthritis is let alone the various splints for it. I have RA most places and OA in many. My thumbs look very wonky and lie across the palms of my hands but don't hurt much these days, thankfully.
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    Hello and a warm welcome to the forum
    Not sure what cmc is,but I have had injection in my thumbs and they were very successful for a few years..I am suppose to have a trapeziectomy but have put it off for over a year and hoping they settle..I just wear the splints the physio gave me ..nothing fancy but they do the trick..
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    Hello, it's nice to meet you but I am sorry you have had to find us. As I understand it CMC arthritis is the shorthand for carpometacarpal arthritis and it affects the area where the base of the thumb and the wrist meet; basically it's OA of that area.

    Splints and supports have their part to play but should not be worn all the time as this encourages muscular laziness. I used to wear working splints but haven't needed to resort to them for years - mind you that wasn't OA in my hands, that was carpal tunnel syndrome and an op sorted that. My fingers are affected by psoriatic arthritis, an auto-immune kind, and that plus OA affect a number of joints: it's not fun, is it? As for things settling, well, how long is a piece of string? :wink:

    I don't think there is a quick fix to any of this, I guess resting the joint is key but given where the problem lies that is far from easy. Does soaking your hands in warm water (with or without Epsom salts) being any relief? What pain relief are you able to take? DD
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