Poem -Flare Up

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Hi everyone.

I haven't posted for a while, and have been trying a new treatment -Cosentyx. Unfortunately I don't think it's helping, and I'm struggling with a flare tonight.
Feeling rather alone with my pain tonight (my family have gone to bed ) I felt inspired to write this short poem to express how I feel.
Some of you may recognise these feelings....
It's called....

Flare Up

The needles stab within my limbs
I fossilise and stiffen
The bark hardens
The sap drains and all is still
Fixed and immobile as a dead branch
Ready to snap, unable to bend

Heat radiates around the twigs
That once were digits
Sprouting nodes
New growths that are not mine
I do not recognise this shape
This gnarled and grizzled form

The pressure builds within
The bark shines taut
Sensations beyond my control
My trunk is alive with swarms of bees
That agitate and sting
With no compassion or relief

How can I smooth these roughened scales?
Restore the sap
Use some magic topiary
To become that perfect Lilac
That bends and flies with the breeze
So cool and fresh, a perfect green.

With love to all in pain tonight

Trisha xxx


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    A terriffic metaphor, Trisha.

    Thank you for distilling something so beautiful out of the misery of a flare.

    I have every sympathy with the nodule element. I have a couple of corkers right now one of which, by banging into everything is growing virtually daily.

    I hope the flare can soon be controlled.