Hi, Sorry not been about for a while!!

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Hi Everyone, sorry not been about for a while, had a bout of illness/bugs then went away for a week got back last Monday! Went on a cruise that stopped in Amsterdam and we got tickets for the 'My Name Is Prince Exhibition' that I have wanted to go to. It was absolutely outstanding!! I'm still using my wheelchair on holidays and long days out but now using sticks for short trips out, don't use walker round house anymore which makes me feel free!! :D . The new knee is doing great working well, still getting some muscle pain and one side is still a little numb but that will take a while to heal. After seeing the consultant it's been decided the right knee needs replacing as well now as the deterioration is as bad as the left one was so that operation is expected to take place end of this year or early next year. Seeing the consultant next month, well that's what has been happening with me since was last on the site. Will catch up with the forum! Hugs 2 every1. t4591


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    I'm pleased everything is going so well for you. You clearly understand the drill needed post-TKR so I hope and expect the other one will prove just as good.
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