Arthritis and electric toothbrushes

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I first used one about twenty years ago and couldn't believe how much better I could clean my teeth as it compensated a great deal for the deficiencies of my arthritic hands. Today, at a routine dental appointment, I reaped the rewards. The dentist told me:

1. My teeth looked wobbly but were actually very solidly attached.
2. My fillings were all secure.
3. I had virtually no tartar build up.
4. They weren't very discoloured. ( :o With all the tea I swill?)
5. My gums were pink and healthy with no bleeding at all.
6. She wished I could give lessons in tooth brushing to most of her patients.

I was, you might say, gobsmacked. And a little smug though, lest I appear a paragon of dental hygiene, I must add that I also have a partial plate replacing the ones that didn't make it.

I write this partly out of sheer delight that there is yet a bit of me that is in good nick. And partly to advise others that I attribute this mostly to the electric toothbrush. I'd advise everyone to get one (one with a small head that will really get into the cracks) but particularly everyone with arthritis in their hands. They really do make a difference.


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    :P :P :P :P Hooray....the joy of finding a bit of us that is doing well! I absolutely agree about the electric toothbrush , I too discovered the ease and efficiency of using one about 10 years ago and very rarely need a scale and polish when I go to the dentist because it does such a good job. I was on holiday recently and realised I'd left it at home, I was so stressed by the end of the week trying to clean my teeth properly with arthritic fingers with a dodgy grip using a standard toothbrush. Embrace the technology is my arthritic motto.

    Deb x
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    I can't be without mine, I use a sensitive brush head and the sensitive setting. As you may have read on here I am having to deal with the fall-out of my poor dental hygiene in the past but I am sure that the brush, the interdental brushes and mouthwash can only slow my dental deterioration. Yup, I typed dental, not mental - that one is open to debate. :wink: DD
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    I tried the Lidl ones and got six months use before it went kaput, Oral B now and four months use, will it last?

    I wonder if I should invent an electric back scrubber, I could be a millionaire this time next year.............?

    There was a funny video going the rounds recently, a Polish hotel maid scrubbing the toilets, then she stood up and put the toothbrush in the holder, smiled and walked away.