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Hi all
I'm just wondering what your experiences are with exercise. I'm in my 30's (late) with a little mid age spread :roll: I know that generally exercise will help as will a good diet but what's the secret to getting motivated to start. I know it comes down to will power & I really want to I just don't! ! x


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    I can't imagine where I'd be without exercising. My joints would have seized up totally and I imagine I'd have acquired other physical problems which immobility trails in its wake. That's enough motivation for me :lol:

    Exercise is very important for everyone but especially so for us in order to retain our range of movement. Here are some exercises from Arthritis Care https://www.arthritiscare.org.uk/living-with-arthritis/exercise-and-arthritis .

    Diet is also important https://www.arthritiscare.org.uk/living-with-arthritis/healthy-eating-and-arthritis and, broadly speaking, if we put the two together, we won't go far wrong.

    However, dieting and exercising in order to lose weight are not quite the same thing. We have had some amazing people on here losing weight by diet alone. Most people combine the two but we are all different in our arthritic disabilities and needs and what would be good for one could be disastrous for another. Swimming and cycling and walking are usually good for most people. If you want to go to a gym make sure the instructor is aware of your needs and limitations.

    Joining something like Slimming World has helped a few on here as there is the incentive of showing off your success to others weekly (and not being shamed by a lack of it :wink: ). However, the only person who can motivate you is you. If you really want to do it you will. Strike while the iron's hot and don't put it off.
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    Bad habits are so much easier to establish than the better ones, aren't they? I have recently discovered the benefits of exercise and the motivation is this: it's good for me. OK, it doesn't reduce pain levels (it changes and adds to them as I wake muscles that haven't been used in anger for years) but I am improving my overall stamina which is making my physical life easier. Although I need to I am not concerned about losing weight, if that happens then hurrah but I am concerned about my overall health: my joints are shot to bits but the rest of me needn't be, need it?

    If you want to feel better in yourself then get out there and do something: it doesn't have to be large, grand or fancy, even just a short walk will release some of those magical endorphins. Aim low, achieve target, feel good: that's the motivation. DD
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    I'm just out for a walk with a local group, every step is painful but finishing is better, pills before hand, didn't do anything over the w/e and settee afterwards!

    I usually go sailing, once or twice a week in the warm weather and use my bike to get to town on the level as and when I can. A large garden keeps me occupied the rest of the time, I hate not doing something.