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Hello everyone,
I am hoping you can offer some advice. My mother uses a tablet and she is finding difficult to type at the moment. Can you recommend a pen she can use with her digital tablet ?
Thank you very much for your help.


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    Hi Monica welcome to the forum you didn't say what type of Arthritis your mother has,it would be good to know. You will soon get a reply to your request as this is a friendly and understanding group of people.
    All the best Christine
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    Hello Monica and welcome from me too. I understand the problem. I have arthritis in my hands too and I find a touch keyboard, especially on my 7" tablet, very tricky. So tricky that, when I first got it, I told a friend I had the wrong fingers for a tablet. Well, I meant to tell her that but I somehow typed 'erong gingers' instead :lol: Thus neatly illustrating my point.

    I'm presuming you mean a stylus though there are all sorts of pens about now for tablets. Have a look on Amazon. For stiff, painful fingers the golden rule is the fatter the pen (This applies to biros etc too) the easier to hold and type. However, there are pen holders on the market which are really good for adapting any ordinary biro or pen into one much more easily handled by arthritic fingers. Have a look here

    If all else fails it's quite easy to make any pen fatter just by wrapping string or wool round it to the required thickness. Or, check out some of these tubing aids

    Good luck! I do hope you can find something suitable.
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    I bought a set of styluses from the £1 shop, they have fat, squidgy ends and with one left in every room, no matter where I am with my tablet, they are always to hand if needed. Some are bulked up with the elastic bands that postmen carelessly litter.

    I have tried the multi-use pens but was not impressed, my feeling is that dedicated options are much better. DD
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    Well done! I've ordered a pack of ten, one for every room and even the loo!!! Haha.😂😂