My Last PPC.

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I went to the pharmacy yesterday to register the details of my PPC (pre-payment certificate/card) and realised that this is for the last time, this little annual ritual of my life will cease because when this expires at the end of March 2019 I become entitled to free scripts. (I can hear a Canadian friend of mine saying 'And the villagers danced!' which always makes me laugh).

My mum bought my PPCs for years, it was a birthday present and of incalculable value. I cannot remember for how long I have had them but it must have been since the inception of the scheme. Someone has to pay for the free prescriptions granted to others and my time of shelling out (admittedly at a very reduced rate) is finally coming to an end. I would not be at all surprised if charges are introduced for pensioners by the time I hit seventy (if not earlier) as there are fewer to pay for more but I will gratefully accept (and enjoy :? ) any respite from costs for as long as it lasts.

And the villagers danced! :D DD
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    I hit the same momentous landmark in March of this year, I wasn't sure whether to dance (in a fashion -more of a shuffle) or bemoan my advancing years :shock: . On balance I decided it was just another day and embraced the extra money in my pocket.
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    There have to be some compensations for being old and arthritic.

    Enjoy your prescription fees, ladies :D

    Memo to all you Under 60yr old youngsters out there - a pre-payment certificate saves a lot of money for anyone on several regular meds.
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