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I’ve received my letter from Healthcare at home informing me that they will soon phone me to arrange my first delivery ( of Enbrel). Do they just deliver the package and leave me to get on with it? I’m sure my Rh nurse mentioned that someone would show me how to inject. I’m not panicking as I’m confidant that I can do it I’m a retired nurse and lost count of the injections I’ve given over a 40 yr career. But I’ve never injected myself and suspect that I’ll need some kind of refresher. Also, my hands are not good these days. Any tips?


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    I honestly cannot remember, it was so long ago. HaH arranged a delivery of (in my case) humira and a nurse duly turned up to show me what to do but I cannot remember the timescale of the two events. I doubt they were that far apart.

    When I was taking Enbrel I had to faff about mixing and shaking the mixture. I guess now it will come in a pen and that is so easy, just pinch and fire. It's no big deal but, much to my amusement, a rheumatology nurse was an utter wimp at doing her meth injections. She would happily stab any random passing patient but herself? My godfathers, she made it such a palaver; she was the patients' favourite because she had RA so had a better understanding of our realities. She gave me the worst injection of my life so far, bless her. We meet for lunch every now and again which is pleasant.

    Good luck, I doubt that you will have any trouble at all but I guess having to do something to yourself which you've always done to others may not be that straightforward. I am very much the other way, I'll happily do it to me but to someone else? Ye gods. :shock: DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben