Symptoms are back 5 years post trapeziectomy

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Hi, I have arthritis in my spine, hands and knees, I’ve recently had my second TKR which has healed really well. My posting though is about my hands, I had each hand operated on in 2013 , the procedure was Trapeziectomy. I now find 5 years later that the same pain and inflammation is back with a vengeance , has anyone had this problem and what’s the next step? I just seem to get one problem fixed and another starts.


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    Hi Kayjay61
    and welcome to the community. i am sorry to hear that your hands have been so painful despite having a Trapeziectomy. Have you spoken to your rheumatologist? This would certainly be the best place to start in order to look at your pain management options. They may also have some other suggestions for you possibly including physiotherapy. We do have a booklet about managing pain which maybe useful for you here
    I know there are quite a few people here who have had a Trapeziectomy and I am sure they will share their experiences with you. Let us know how you get on and what solutions help you.
    Best Wishes
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    Hello and welcome from me too :D

    I'm sorry you're having so many problems. Arthritis is like that, isn't it? It doesn't stick with the odd joint. I have RA in most of mine.

    I think trapeziectomy is quite a successful operation but, as with all others, things can still go wrong. Have you seen your GP? Maybe (s)he could refer you back to your orthopaedic consultant for x-rays. Of course, it might be unrelated to the trapeziectomy but, until an expert has had a look, no-one can tell for sure. Please let us know how you get on.
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