Hello from a worried Osteoarthritis Worker.

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Hello there,

I have just joined this site and hope to get some clues to fighting this horrid thing I have. I will not give in to it and have recently taken on a new job delivering Carpets that is very physically demanding. I don't know if this is good or bad for my condition that I have in my thumbs and my right hip and I think my right ankle, (watch this space for the next place it hits). :D

I have currently been prescribed Naproxen and that's it. I also take Chondroitin and Glucosamine, Omega 3, Vitamin C, all in the hope that they will help and maintain my ability to work. I am in pain most of the time but that subsides if I rest up.

I hope you are all fighting and perhaps someday they will prescribe us, Pentosan polysulfate that I have read lots about. Many studies say it works and it is prescribed to Dogs & Horses with Arthritis with fantastic results.

My name is John and I am 57. Hello.


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    Hello John and welcome to the online community from me on behalf of the Moderating Team. If you have any problems using the forum please feel free to send us a personal message and we’ll do our best to help.

    I am very sorry to hear of your Osteoarthritis and very much hope you will be able to manage your new job.

    Your post is very interesting as you refer to pentosan polysulfate sodium which I believe is licensed here for use for cystitis. As you say it is used in this country for horses.

    Have you read the following article on the subject of its use for Osteoarthritis which was originally published in Arthritis Today?


    Please do join in wherever you like you will be given a warm welcome by our members.

    Best wishes

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    Hello John and welcome from me too :D

    I'm sorry about the OA and I can understand your worries about your new and rather demanding job. On the plus side you seem to have a bright, optimistic attitude which will help.

    I wish I could give you some really helpful advice but I can't. Certainly exercise is both good and necessary but it needs to be the right kind of exercise. Any thing that puts stress on a dodgy joint will tend to make it worse. And then, as we hold ourselves differently to compensate, other bits join in. I think, in terms of work, you can only 'suck it and see'. A physio might be able to give you some pointers on how to do your work least stressfully.

    As for the med you mention, I'm sure i read somewhere about it being injected into joints, probably in trials but the problem might be that it thins the blood ie solve one problem and cause another :roll:
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    Hello, I have OA as a result of my other arthritis, I didn't know I had it because it was hiding behind the skirts of the other so it's really got a hold: it affects both ankles, both knees, both hips and one shoulder - although in fairness to the shoulder that's because I broke my upper left humerus.

    I prefer the OA because to a certain extent I can control it. I have learned over the years to pace myself (it was diagnosed back in 2011) but I can understand your concerns. You have a very physical job - one that brings joy to others though! The nap will help to control inflammation - do you also take a stomach protector? Pain relief is an option too, in my view a necessary one. I hope that the chondroitin etc. will help to alleviate the worst of the symptoms, I know that many people swear by their supplements but in my experience they are people who like to think they have arthritis rather than actually do. We know differently, yes? I am now 59, I started aged 37 so have a fair few years under my arthritic belt. DD
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    Hi John, I've been through the oa at work trauma and received no help whatsoever other than for retiring. I purposely put my name down for a 'retirement course' but found myself amongst 65 year olds (I was 44) and the topics passed over my head but I had a few days off work!

    The government bu€£@$@d me when they changed the number of years qualification for a pension, I would have got a full state pension but now won't qualify when I'm 66. I tried to be unemployed receive no benefits but get the stamp to make my pension up but I was told to sign off or they would do it. I ended up having to take various jobs that were too demanding until I couldn't do much and thats where I am now. Get some advice!

    You really do need to speak to your GP about your work situation and take advice from a union rep or similar, the only person who will continue to be in pain is you, don't just carry on and ignore it.

    Good luck.