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It's just over a year since I gave up battling my way through work three days a week and went on sick-leave before officially retiring at the start of this year. It was stressful but I have no,regrets now about making the decision to retire. Luckily my pension is enough to live on with a few economies (I have 6yrs left on my mortgage and 10 until I get my state pension). I enjoy having more time for my hobby/business and to spend with my family.
But until recently although I no longer felt guilty about not working, I found it hard to relax, I felt I should be busy, doing things and so I got into a cycle of overdoing things for 2 or 3 days then having a day or two of extra bad pain, fatigue etc. A couple of weeks ago my nephew was on a visit from Australia and he came up to London for a day and took me out for lunch to celebrate my retirement. We were chatting about this and that and he said words to the effect of that I had spent my working life helping others and doing things for them now it was time for me to do things for myself, that I wanted to do, and put myself first.
I didn't think much of it at the time but those words were what I needed to hear and I'm feeling much more relaxed and no longer feel guilty. My new attitude is that I have served my time, so to speak, and now it's time to think about doing things for me.


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    That's really positive news Slosh, thanks for sharing it. I remember that urge 5 years ago to keep doing stuff as if I had to justify my existence when I gave up teaching at 55. It's so counter productive in health terms. And now you're there you have a whole summer ahead to enjoy a good book in the sunshine,or potter about or enjoy your hobbies. I still set myself tasks for each day, but happily I've learned to be more realistic about what I can do, and if I need a nap I have one. For me one task most days is walking our little dog, it's a good way to enjoy some fresh air and maintain a little fitness, I'm back to a 45 minute walk after my recent chest infection reduced me to struggling to walk m ore than 5 minutes before I needed to rest.

    Keep on enjoying life, as your nephew so rightly said, you've done your share in the classroom, now it's time to embrace the freedom of being free to listen to your body and enjoy the things that make you happy.

    Deb xx
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    Life never stops teaching us lessons and being willing to learn makes all the difference. I am so pleased that you are reconciling yourself about the fact that you have done the right thing for you: it was not an easy decision, and the coming years may be tougher financially, but your health will surely feel the benefit of reduced stress and that is a GOOD THING. DD
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    Thank you both. Life is easier without the stresses of work, both emotional and physical.
    Finacially (can't spell today), this is probably the worst period as I still have my mortgage but luckily I've never been one for expensive holidays. However I am spending a little on myself and I'm going to give my garden a bit of a makeover as I'll have more time to enjoy it and I may also treat myself to a better bathlift than the one I have on loan and a more powerful battery for my electric scooter.
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    Work is the scourge of the arthritic classes :D

    Just before work retired me my boss congratulated me saying I hadn't been off sick for five years, he was duty bound to say this, I had to laugh!
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    Carry on enjoying, Slosh :D You've certainly earned it t115006
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    The other day my 6yr old grandson asked me why I no longer went to work, I answered, he gave me a huge hug and replied, "But it's a good thing because you get to see more of us!"

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