Shoes after big toe joint fusion - need help please

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Young woman from Alberta, Canada here. Got right big toe joint fusion and old bunionectomy screws removal done second week of May this year. Kwires due to come out in 6 wks, no metal will be in foot after but I do have osteoarthritis in my foot and old osteonecrosis (possible current still but doctors are arguing about that one). Big toe is now on a 15-20 degree angle upwards and will not be able to bend toe. I do not like to wear high heels and Specialist says I will only be allowed to wear special shoes with the toe bent up.

I need shoes (not boots) that not only have the curved toe but also are steel-toed as when I return to work, I am a nurse in advanced dementia care and occasionally get our feet purposely stomped on pretty hard among other things and with the osteoarthritis and possible osteonecrosis, after the fusion, one stomp could crumble the bone again and send me for bone grafts.

Does anyone know where I can get such a shoe? Cost does not matter and does not matter where orders/ships from.

Thank you So much in advance :D


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    welcome to the forum, so sorry to hear you are having problems with your big toe and shoes. This is a common problem with a variety of solutions which are very individual. There is quite a discussion about shoes going on at the moment so I am sure others will come along and share their experiences and solutions with you.
    ARUK is very aware of this problem and has instigated some research, here is the link
    Unfortunately it won't sole your problem now but hopefully things will improve before too long
    Best Wishes
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    Hi Tootsies and welcome from me, too :D

    As we live in different countries, with different systems, I'm not sure how things work over there but I have had RA, leading to OA, since I was 15. I'm now 72 and, as it started in my hands and soon progressed to my feet, you can imagine the state of mine given that surgery wasn't an option back when I needed it.

    Instead I was prescribed what we call 'surgical shoes' and have had to wear them all the time since my early twenties. They come free on our NHS but cost a bomb to make. They are, essentially, custom-made shoes but each health trust has its own trusted company which must be used. The measurements have to be taken by an NHS orthotist.

    Even so, some companies are better than others but these people are used to dealing with really problematic feet which require all sorts of built up and cut down and reinforced areas.

    You say that money is no object so I simply googled 'bespoke shoemakers Alberta Canada'. One or two came up but this one looked quite promising to me . See what you think. You may prefer others.

    And, thank you for your work. My mother-in-law had dementia for many years. It's a horrible disease and I know it can change people's personality for the worse. Thankfully she remained a gentle soul.

    Please get back if I can help further.
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    Hi Tootsies! Nice name. I've been through the same, theres been a few asking feet questions over the last few weeks have a search.

    As regards toe protectors, try your local builders merchants, most of them offer softer well cushioned shoes with protectors in, they should be comfortable for workware, as regards the angled up toe, I usually buy one size larger and thats fine, you might have to try a few.

    My trainer type walking shoes are comfy but only last six months or so.

    Keep smiling.

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