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It's taken some time but I am indeed slowly returning to the dizzying heights of moderately grotty, hurrah! :D Things began to go downhill when we had the flu, there has also been a number of dental issues thanks to advanced gum disease, so taking the immuno-suppressants has been far more miss than hit; needless to say the PsA has taken advantage and has been bouncing around with great glee (unlike me) especially when the lilac trees came into flower around a fortnight ago (we are surrounded by s*dd*ng lilacs). Sleeping badly for England both day and night, coke and hula hoops to the dietary fore but, finally, my concentration is returning (I earlier managed to complete an entry level six box Sudoku) I am snoozing less during the day and actually made it into town this afternoon. Despite everything I have managed to do some unaided walks this week although I use the word 'walk' in its loosest sense.

I think this has been the worst since 2007 so that's proof that the meds are keeping things under good control. The OA was no where near the bother it is now so that has made it harder (especially the unaided walking) but all things pass and I think this is on its way out. I did the meth yesterday, I am due to humira on Monday and meth again the following Thursday so hopefully that will continue to subdue the PsA, helping me to feel brighter in myself. Being moderately grotty has never appeared to be such a promising a reward. :lol: DD


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    Great news DD, onwards and upwards I hope. Keep battling on. xx
    Deb :)
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    Woo hoo :D Well done, Mme Grotbags :wink:

    You have been through several mills and are now emerging at last to the wonderful world of stabbing yourself twice over. Good old meth and humira. Arthritic life doesn't get much better than this 8)

    I am very pleased that things are finally heading in the right direction. Full marks for perseverance. Forwards in all directions.
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    On the up eh! Give us all a wave from the top of the hill!

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    I'll never aim for the top of the hill, Airwave! It's too far to fall. :wink: Two-thirds will do me nicely.

    Thank you, everyone, for your replies. It is nice to feel a little better and brighter in myself and therefore better able to cope with the dross which comes with the disease in all its forms. As Ken Dodd didn't sing:

    Arthritis, arthritis,
    The nasty gift
    That I possess
    I blame my genes
    'Cos I exist
    With more than my share of

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