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Hello, I am new to this forum and would like to hear other people's experience of recovery from a trapeziectomy. I am 53,still working part time and a carer for my mum,who is disabled and housebound, I have been told I can't push the wheelchair for at least 6 currently hiring a mobility scooter each week so she gets out.
Anyway, I am 9 weeks post op,out of splint, wrist and top of hand still swollen, I am concerned as I can't bend my hand upwards, one of the physio exercises and feel as though my wrist joint is too stiff, the operation was on my thumb,but seems to affect much more of my hand. Alsor still can't drive,could not move the gearstick. ....feeling bit frustrated with my progress.


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    Hi and welcome to the forum :)

    We seem to get a lot of queries re trapeziectomies and I'd guess it because a lot of people have them, they don't necessarily have arthritis (though many do) and the perception is that it's a little operation so the recovery time should be quick.

    Oh no :roll:

    It's little on the outside but there's a lot of healing to take place on the inside, complicated healing. It also seems to be an op (I've not had one) where different surgeons have different ideas and possibly do things differently so there's no hard and fast rule.

    This is what Arthritis Care says about it .

    One thing struck me - if your Mum can cope with a scooter why not get one for her permanently, possibly on the Motability scheme. You could still use the wheelchair late for situations where a scooter can't get but wouldn't your Mum feel more independent on a scooter?
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    Hi Anneka42,

    It's lovely to meet you, it's very hard to know how well you are progressing after an operation and it's very hard when the operation seems to be making your symptoms worse. What does your physio say? We all heal over different timescales but s/he should know how you are managing and will help you see the progress you are making week by week.

    I had a new knee in January and even though I'm aware I'm doing what I should and progress is being made I feel frustrated I'm still unable to ride my bike!

    We do have members who have had trapeziectomy operations who will be able to offer you insights and here is a previous thread on the subject

    Do let us know how you are getting on

    Yvonne x
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    I don't know how many surgeries you have had, I am the veteran of a fair few and have learned that the healing process is far slower than I would like. It is hard when one is in the middle of it all to see what progress has actually been made, it is also very easy now to read of others' apparently immediate return to health and full-range of activities but are they telling the truth? Healing takes time, it takes time to reach the pitch where surgery is needed but that is far from an instant fix. Convalescence used to be taken seriously but now people lack the luxury of time to do it as it should be done.

    The physio exercise is important but it is better to do less and more often than too much in one or two goes. I remember after one operation I was told I would not be discharged until I had achieved a specific exercise. Eighteen months later I managed it for the first time but, luckily, they had taken pity on me seventeen and a half months earlier. :lol:

    I wish you well, being a patient patient is one of the harder things to be. DD
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    Thanks for your kind words, I have been working away on my exercises and have also been seeing a private physio for my back, last week she was very concerned that my wrist was starting to seize up... So did some work on my hand, this has really helped me and I feel far more positive this week. There was some concerns about my NHS physio appointments being so far apart, it will be 4 weeks between them, but I had no say in this.

    I have been able to ride my bike this past week, which is brilliant as I find walking everywhere so time consuming.... So slowly but surely, although I hadn't been aware that the hand would be so stiff.

    .. This operation was sprung on me, as when I saw the consultant in December for an injection (1st appmt) he immediately said it was too far gone and offered me the operation.
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    I'm pleased things are on the up. Thanks for the update. It's good to know when things improve :D

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