Hi everyone

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Hi everyone.
I'm new here
just been diagnosed with osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia.
I have the arthritis in my wrists, hands and fingers,knees, ankles and feet.
i think i get it in my rib cage too as that really aches at times.
Just looking for some advice and to see how others cope with it really.
looking forward to chatting with you all. t4591


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    Dear Calypso64, welcome to Arthritis Care Forums. I am sorry to hear about your difficulties.

    As mods we are here to help you with any problems you may have using the forums.

    Please click on the following links to see our factsheets on Osteoarthritis & Managing Pain. I hope the information therein will be useful to you

    If the above links don't help and you need more specific information, you can always contact our Helpline at: https://www.arthritiscare.org.uk/help-and-support/helpline or phone them on 0808 800 4050.

    In addition to the above, there are many lovely people who use the forums with a wide range of experiences. Have a good look through the different forums and pick the ones you feel are best for the information you seek.

    I look forward to seeing you posting in the forums.

    Best wishes,

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    Hello, I have psoriatic arthritis, osteoporosis and fibromyalgia. The first began in 1997, the second was diagnosed in 2011 and the last one in 2013. I am now 59 and used to dealing with the dross.

    The meds for the psoriatic don't affect or improve the OA, that I I 'manage' with rest and four 30/500 cocodamol per day. The fibro is not too much bother but again I find details very helpful. What else would you like to know? DD
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    Hi and welcome from me too :D

    That's a lot of places to have arthritis if you've only just been diagnosed. How long have you known something was wrong? I'm actually wondering if you've been diagnosed by a rheumatologist or just by your GP. And whether or not you've had x-rays taken.

    I see that Mod Emma has given you some good links to follow so I'll just say please ask away if you have questions and we'll try to answer. The best place for questions is the Living With Arthritis forum as more people look on there.

    I hope to see you asround :D
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