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Just popping in to say Hi to everyone, everything is pretty good with me and counting down to our next holiday which is a week away! Off to sunny Tenerife for a couple of weeks. Had my Knee Consultant appointment moved to when I come back off holiday which was annoying as I was hopping to see him before I went away to discuss the right knee and when that will be replaced. And to top that off my Rheumatologist appointment was moved for a second time as my consultant has gone and left the hospital!! Showing the NHS is in a pickle at the moment! Other than that all is good with me, new knee is getting stronger by the day and me in myself are doing okay nothing a full nights sleep would help with, Arnie puss is waking me at 4am or slightly earlier demanding fuss! Hope everyone is doing as good as they can be, Bubbadog xoxo t4591 m0150


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    Hi to you too :D I'm delighted to hear things are going well for you and hope you have a good holiday.
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    If you're hopping then you're doing very well indeed. :wink: We all know the NHS is in a mess but I am sure you will be allocated another rheumatologist very soon. How lovely to be going on another holiday, I hope you have a lovely time. DD
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    Bubba. Good news about your replaced knee.

    I hope you have a wonderful holiday. Enjoy every minute!

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    Constant 26degrees, shorts and T, stroll from the beach to the next cold beer, no early morning puss, just relaxxxxxxxx.

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