Worried about losing use of dominant hand

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Hi I just want to check what I should be asking for from doctors as I have received dreadful treatment in the past. I have spondylosis and stenosis throughout my spine due to congenital spine defects. Had lumbar spinal fusion 4 years ago where they also discovered I had multiple pedicles fractures. They then found cervical stenosis and scan from a few years ago showed multi level degenerative changes in cervical spine c4-5 osteophyte bar causing mild anterior moulding of the theca, degenerative narrowing of left c5 neural exit foramen, similar change c5-6 with degenerative left exit foranimal narrowing and c6-7 narrowing on both sides. In the last few weeks I have started to get tingling in my left thumb, fingers and palm and some tingling in soles of feet. I have been referred to hospital for nerve tests but I am very worried that this is the start of me losing the use of my arms. I know if it is I will be waiting at least a year for decompression surgery so risk permanent nerve damage. I am really worried about these symptoms. Can you please help in any way?


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    Hi jahou,

    Welcome back, though I’m sorry you are so worried about the help offered by your health team, ands that your condition has worsened.

    You have got some nerve tests to go to, hopefully It won’t take too long to get seen, then you will know whether any damage is being done and what your outlook is. I’m afraid I have no specialised knowledge to offer, but would suggest as a general rule try to take someone with you for your feedback appointment, write down any questions you have, including time until possible surgery and your worries and fears. Give a copy to your partner, then be persistent to get across how this affects you.

    You are in the right place re our excellent Helplines team on
    0808 800 4050

    Take care,
    Yvonne x
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    Dear jahou
    Thanks for your post to Helplines. I'm sorry for the delaying in replying. I can appreciate that this latest development with your arthritis is concerning.
    You've mentioned that you've had some negative experiences of care in the past, so this may get you into worrying.
    I wonder if you'd be prepared to talk things over with us on the phone? It can be helpful to really fill in the gaps, so we can hear the ways you've approached things previously. Sometimes we may be able to suggest a few strategies if we hear what you've done so far.
    But if the phone doesn't suit, then you can always go into more detail here, or private message or email [email protected]
    But just to start the ball rolling, I wonder if you've had the option of using a totally different NHS organisation, so that you see a different team and can have a totally fresh start?
    You've not mentioned how you self-manage, but if things are difficult it may still be important to follow your routines involving keeping moving and eating carefully to keep your weight down.
    I really hope we are able to get into a dialogue, so that you can have a good chance to be listened to and so we can try to offer some support.
    Kind regards
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    Hello, I don't know if this will be of any help but the tingling in my thumbs and palms was carpal tunnel syndrome which was sorted by an operation, I had both done at the same time which was fun. :wink:

    I have had some tingling in my feet but that has always eased, I attribute it to being just one of those things. I have PsA and OA which affect around forty joints plus fibromyalgia; I am not fluent enough in medic to understand the details you give about your conditions, I apologise. :oops:. DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben