at what point do you ask for help

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hi guys may sound silly question but at what point do you ask for help.
just a little info to get started I'm 47 male worked all my adult life outside as ground worker mortgage now on 6month of the year had the best part 3 and half months off so far on ssp everything is just a mine field I'm worn out physically and mentally I;ve tried to contact a bureau 3 separate times nearly 3 hours waiting and still never got through. I no there busy people and its free but it just wears me holding on


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    You've set me racking my brains there! I began my first arthritis aged 37 back in 1997, and I think it was around 2005 that I applied for what was then Disabled Living Allowance (DLA). This was after two major synovectomies on my left knee and the spread of the disease to my right. I contacted social Services who sent out the form, I completed and returned it, then after a short wait a lifetime award was granted. I am still waiting to be transferred onto PIP and of course the system is now very different.

    I was able to work throughout the development of the diseases (OA was diagnosed in 2011) but that was thanks to circumstance: I am a trained teacher and worked as a self-employed private tutor. As things became worse I was able to tailor things to suit my needs but I was finally finished off by a double carpal tunnel operation: by then I had around thirty affected joints and it was all becoming too much. I was also fortunate in that my husband remained in full-time employment so this was the only benefit to which I didn't feel entitled (and still don't) but I was and remain grateful for the extra money, it helps to fund the extra expenses that being disabled brings in its wake.

    Personal circumstances vary so widely so it may be sensible for you to arrange an appointment with the CAB for advice and information. Like all services they too are under great strain from an increasing workload (and a dearth of people willing to be advisors) sonic may take some time but they should. able to help you with the processes, the forms and other matters. DD
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    Please bear in mind I last worked in 2002, but then I started on sick pay from my employer. After 6 months I became eligible for state sickness benefit, now ESA. If you don't get paid by work then you should be claiming it already. I then applied for DLA - I think you have to have had your condition for 6 months then, I think it's the same - but was turned down. Despondent I got in touch with CAB who helped me claim and I was successful. This is now PIP. Remember you can claim it and work.

    I'd say claim, and get help, there's CAB online and in person, I'd have needed the in person as I really had no idea what was going on. There are online sites which are good, I like and have used their guides when renewing my claim.

    Take care
    Wazz x
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    When do you ask for help? When you can't cope anymore.