So upset -penalty fine for precription costs

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Hi everyone

I just need to offload something that has upset me so much.

I pay for all my prescriptions, and buy a 3 monthly pre-payment certificate to help with the costs. I've done this for the past 10 years.

On Monday I received a letter from The NHS Prescription Penalty department, saying I'd collected a £34 prescription in March which I hadn't paid for. They were demanding £34 plus £100 penalty.

Well, I know that I had a PPC, which my pharmacy renew for me on their computer system, but despite me sending 2 emails and an hours phone conversation, they're not letting me off as I cannot prove it.

My pharmacy are trying to find evidence for me but it seems they have made an error, but can't find out what. apparently without actual 'evidence' I will not be let off this fine.

£134 is an enormous amount of money to me, but it's also the anger and dispair at the injustice of this. I feel annoyed enough that we share a condition which is not 'exempt' from charges anyway, plus I've worked as an NHS nurse for 36 years (before my ill health retirement)and have done so much personally for the NHS....then this accusation. I've probaly worked 5 years unpaid overtime alone!

I know some people do take advantage and may commit fraud etc, but i haven't but can't prove's so frustrating.

Bad enough that we have to have arthritis and pay for the medication without an unfair fine!

Anyway, thanks for listening....

Trisha :(


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    I am so sorry, I have had an annual PPC for years, my mum used to buy it for my birthday: a very useful present which cannot often be said. I hope that evidence to support your case can be found, I never rely on anyone when it comes to my medmin, * People don't care, idly press any button they like, cheerily say 'computer says no' without wondering why that is the case. :roll: Please let us know if things are resolved as they should be - and consider an annual PPC because that will reduce the medmin. DD

    * medmin = medical administration
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    How did you pay for the PPC - have you got a credit card or bank statement showing the payment(and also as many as possible of the previous ones to refute charges of one-off fraud attempt)
    I think it's also in the pharmacy's interest to help you sort this out as it casts doubt on their checking procedures; whether they would face financial penalties as you are I don't know.
    Keep a note of all verbal exchanges you have with the Penalty Dept(dates, times, person spoken to), print off emails, get proof of posting for anything sent snailmail. They will have targets to meet and, as you have found out, without counter-evidence you are guilty, full stop.You don't want to find the penalties increasing because they 'have no record' of your attempts to deal with the charge, and/or you have passed some deadline.
    I can sympathise with your frustration and anger as I had a similar thing with the DVLA some years ago which accused me(wrongly) of an offence and demanded a fine after I scrapped a car.Discovering that you are deemed guilty until proven innocent when it comes to some government departments is a horrid feeling.
    Might be worth contacting the CAB to see if they can suggest how to deal with this?
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    Thanks for your advice

    I've spoken to the Penalty dept and they've given me until August to try and find some evidence, so I have a bit of time.

    My pharmacy are trying to help. They can see that a pharmacist has ticked the right box but then maybe didn't process it...they're investigating.

    Unfortunately it's not on my bank statement as I probably paid with cash.

    Anyway I've calmed down slightly now but yes-it's the 'trying to prove your innocence' thing that has got to me.