Me on loos - again.

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On a routine visit to our local hospital I needed the loo. The disabled one appeared to have a sliding door which would not slide.

Luckily a cleaner was around and he pointed out, on the wall next to it, a huge button with a central blue knob. Push and the door opened. I pushed the knob and nothing happened. He kindly explained I'd to push the entire button. I did and the door slid open. He then told me there was an identical one inside to shut and lock it :shock:

My record of getting stuck in loos is second to none but, with Mr SW stationed in earshot (at least until he wandered off) I went in and, eventually,m found the enormous button :roll: at the far side of the washbasin. I pressed it. The knob (both knobs I'm told) turned red and the door locked.

So, I did the necessary, washed my hands and then realised it was the usual problem. The only way out was by pressing the button which many unwashed hands had pressed. i could hardly press the button then wash my hands again in full view of everyone in the foyer. Good old antibac wipes :wink:

I was once very impressed with a set of loos in a park in L.A. No washbasins at all - until you got outside. The entire side wall was full of them. So no doors to open that would probably be harbouring all sorts of nasties.

P.S. I've just realised that the header to this thread is unfortunately ambiguous. I do hope I haven't put anyone off their lunch :wink:


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    It's a tricky area, isn't it? I've returned from three weeks of giraffing thanks to extraordinarily low lavatories in the rented house: even the Spouse struggled and he's five inches shorter than me.

    When it comes to flushing any toilet I put the lid down first (I hate it when there isn't one) because that is basic hygeine: contain the germ spray, people! DD

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