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I am in a difficult situation as I have a group of ailments stopping me from working at present. I do have a job but have been signed off for so long I have had to apply for ESA. I got the ESA on contributions. Now I have to fill in an ESA50. My arthritis problem is mainly my knee which I twisted last summer. I am having an MRI in July then the consultant will decide which operation I need. My fit note says 'depressed' I have also had cancer within the last 2 years. Some of my fingers have nodules which can be painful at times and my other knee is beginning to join in! I also have an old ongoing back problem which prevents me sitting for too long without discomfort. It is possible that I may be fit for work within the 13 weeks assessment but I can't say for certain, especially as I will have to wait to see the consultant, wait for an operation and recover. Despite being in pain, fatigued from radiotherapy and depressed I don't seem to fit the ESA50. Has anyone else had experience of this please?


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    Hi Cuckoo
    welcome to the community and for sharing your issue with us. Might I suggest that as your situation is so complex it is going to be worth you contacting Citizens Advice, they are very good at support and advising people through these complex situations. Here is a link
    You can also contact our Helplines on 0808 800 4050 and they will speak to you free in confidence.
    Our members here are wonderful at walking with people and supporting them through issues like this and I am sure they will want to offer you advice and keep up to date with how you are getting on.
    Best wishes
    to you