First Signs?

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My wife sadly passed away 15 months ago and my friends were very keen for me to play golf as ,being my wife's main carer as she had MS, I spent a lot of time with her at home.
The golf isn't going well but more importantly the middle finger on my left hand is getting painful when I grip the club and is still sore afterwards and doesn't seem to bend up and down and 'make a knuckle' as well as the other fingers . Even a couple of days after golf it is still a bit sore if I try to make a knuckle .
Are these the first signs of arthritis and is there anything that I can do? Would stopping golf help? thanks


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    Hello Dermot, I am not a member of the Helpline team (I belong to the forum) but I was saddened to read of your wife's passing and wish to pass on my sympathies.


    I think the best thing you can do is make an appointment to see your GP, he is the best-placed to advise. Fingers are complicated things (as is arthritis), is your finger swelling at all or painful to the touch? It may help to soak your hands in a basin of warm water laced with Epsom salts and gently flex your digits as though playing the piano, the water will support your fingers and the warmth might bring some relief. I have arthritic fingers but they don't behave as yours is. I am sorry the golf isn't going too well but don't give it up just yet, maybe ration the number of games you play until you have found out what is going on. I wish you well. DD
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    Dear DermotD
    Thank you for your post to Helplines. I'm sorry to hear that you are having concerns over your finger just as you were trying out a new activity and when you'd been through a difficult time.
    If you can get some medical advice (a physiotherapist might be ideal) you might find that there are some practical suggestions that might be helpful / reassuring. If a physiotherapist thinks some investigations are needed (a scan or something) they would tell you.

    Kind regards