My Rivision of left elbow found inside my arm was black

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Hi I have just joined your forum my name is sarah ive had RA for 24 years ive had lots of joint replacements but this was my first revision. My surgeon said the inside of my arm was black i had to go 3 months without a replacement before a new joint was put in but nothing was ever really explained regarding the blackness has anyone else had this happen
My elbows are 16 years old my surgeon seems very reluctant to do my left revision and i dont no why


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    Hi and welcoe to the forums,you might wish to look at
    but there are many members willing to share their experiences so I'm sure you'll feel comfortable
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    Hello Sarah and welcome from me too. I've had RA for most of my life and I've had knees and hips replaced but nothing else. In fact I can't recall anyone on here having an elbow replaced let alone a revision of one. Not many of us have had any revision operations.

    When I had my knee revision, some years back, I know the original TKR had slid right out of position and I know they finally managed to grow a minute bit of culture on it once removed so I was on antibiotics for six weeks.

    But, black? That doesn't ring any bells at all. I've not experienced it nor heard anyone else mention it on here. I think the only people who can answer your question are your surgeon and, if he's sent in his report, your GP. In my experience, if patients ask questions docs will answer them but, if they don't ask, they presume the patient doesn't want to know. In your situation, if you're not seeing the surgeon again, I'd make an appointment with the GP and work out, in advance, any questions you'd like to ask. Good luck and please keep us informed.
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    Hello, it's nice to meet you but I am sorry you have had to find us. I am racking what passes for my brains and I cannot recall another post like yours anywhere on the forum (and I've been a member for some time). I wonder what the surgeon meant? Sometimes we can be so stunned by what we are told that asking questions is utterly beyond our capabilities. I think the only one who can answer as you need is the surgeon but questioning 'those in the know' can be a daunting process. Some patients don't want to know, others do but don't feel able to ask, docs forget that what is usual for then isn't for those they are treating, overall none of it is easy.

    Who do you feel you know best to approach for clarification? We can encourage and support so please let us know what you decide to do and how you get on. I wish you well. DD
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    Hi there,
    As the above posts say, the only person who could clarify this is the consultant who said it, unless they have recorded it in a letter to your GP? It may be in more medical jargon then.

    Like you I have had 25 or so surgeries over many years of RA. Elbows not totally replaced but shoulders were in the 1980s and now both removed, one side due to sepsis in and around the joint. I was on IV antibiotics for most of 2010. The other one had moved and gone through a rib. Was your elbow infected - hence the revision? I just have a cement spacer instead of a replacement joint as infection always still a possibility due to immunosuppressive drugs.

    Not always easy, but anything better than the sepsis! No mention of blackness, just bone infection and nasty stuff being drained off.

    Mention it at your next check up and hope all goes well this time. Lots of luck.