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Hi All
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As you may know i have had reactive Arthritis for the past year and i have struggled at times with the pain and the depression that comes with it.
It seems like i am possibly on the mend. i have woken up every day this week with no stiff fingers, only pain is in my index fingers which has a hammering via Arthritis. i know i may be jumping the gun but its the first time in a year that i have not had the usual pain so i am half relieved at the moment.

of course the question is am i getting better or could i get bad again?

i suppose only time will tell.

one thing i must say, is that i am one of those people prior to getting Reactive arthritis that was ignorant to this disease. i thought arthritis was a case of just getting old. i have learned so much since having this disease and i have much more empathy for people. i use to see youngish looking people in mobility scooters and i be thinking "why the hell are you in a mobility scooter you not old and you look fit enough to walk you lazy bAXXXXd" but now i fully understand why this person could be in a mobility scooter. i can fully understand why people are ignorant to the disease and again its education and for me this disease needs to be promoted more. I have noticed even GPs struggle to understand Arthritis especially auto immune ones.

i am not leaving this site as its nice to see people on here helping others less fortunate and i hope i can contribute in some way especially with reactive arthritis as there isnt much on the site regarding this.



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    That's great news, Dave, and my fingers are firmly crossed for you. It's lovely to hear success stories and, believe me, if you could stick around to help others with ReA that would be a great service you'd be doing as we don't get as many with it as with eg OA, RA and PsA so info straight from the horse's mouth, as it were, would be very useful.

    Frankly, I don't think any of us understands any illness or situation until it hits home. Maybe it's a kind of protection mechanism. I'd like to see more awareness of childhood arthritis.

    Anyway, keep on with the good times and thanks for sharing it :D
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    Hurrah! Although as you wisely think this perhaps could be the early days of recovery I am so pleased that things are improving for you; if you would be willing to keep an eye out for those yet to come with ReA that would be good, us telling them that things will improve is not the same as someone who has improved saying the same thing.

    Why on earth would you have thought about arthritis before you were affected? No-one thinks about ill health when they are healthy, that's always something for others to have, not them. I never think about MS, Parkinson's, cancer etc. because I don't have them (the chance is always there, however, thanks to being alive).

    Keep getting better, yes it may rear its ugly head again but staying as well as possible, keeping up with the anti-bac, handwashing and avoiding those with huge and infections can only help to minimise the risk to yourself. I wish you very well for the future and let us know how you get on. DD

    PS. :mrgreen::wink:
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    Hello All

    Well there is now good and bad news.

    My arthritis completely went for nearly 2 months :)

    unfortunately its come back :(

    looking at a different forum as i could not find info here it looks like it does come back now and then.

    i suppose (i am assuming here) that by not having it for 2 months would eliminated that its R.A as i believe its usually progressive?

    i am not in agony or anything its just the morning stiffness (Fingers that is before someone jumps on the bandwagon) and some soreness which goes within a minute.

    just gutted that its all that its come back.

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    I'm sorry it's back. I've no idea how significant or not that might be but, obviously, it's disappointing. I hope it goes again soon.