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Hi everyone, I’m not coping very well with my right shoulder at the moment, when I try and move my arm I got painful crunches and shooting pains down my arm and my hand tingles, mostly I forget and reach out or move something and I’m in agony, it’s so hard as I’m right handed, I have arthritis in both joints of my shoulder one is severe and I have an impingement to, does the crunching mean the cartilage has worn away
Your thoughts on this please would be greatly appreciated xx


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    i think crunching can be caused by several things, not necessarily arthritis or even ligament related.

    I always associate tingling / pins and needles with nerve damage but I'm no doc and I think a doc is who you need to see for this. An x-ray might help. Exercise usually helps. But you really need an expert opinion if you want to know exactly what the cause is.
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    I think the best thing for you to do is consult a professional who will have the in-depth knowledge you need. Start with your GP, maybe he will decide to refer you to either a physio, orthopaedics or send you for nerve tests. We know lots of things but only at a surface level, we are not experts and cannot diagnose. Please let us know how you get on and I hope an answer / solution can be found. DD
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    Hi Jenmoss,
    As stickywicket & dreamdaisy have suggested first step is to visit your GP and let them refer you on to a specialist if need be.
    Certainly sounds like you have some cartilage damage and possibly bone on bone crunching but you'll need xrays etc. to assess any damage.
    Not so sure about the tingling but it'll be interesting to hear how you get on with the GP assuming you go that route and hope you manage to get some relief with the right treatment.
    I've had a shoulder replacement operation which was luckily quite straight forward with a good range of pain free movement after working hard to recuperate and was back to work within six weeks.
    Best wishes with that.