Metoject storage in high temperatures

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The instructions specify that Metoject should be stored at room temperature - ie, lower than 25 degrees C.

This house has been like a sauna for weeks now and it crossed my mind yesterday that I ought to check the temperature inside the usually cool cupboard where I keep my meds.
It was over 27C - and probably has been for weeks. Oops.

I eventually managed to find a place which is marginally above 25C so that will have to do for now.

Of course, HaH helpfully stocked me up and I have 9 doses in hand!
(Waits for someone to tell me it goes in the thigh or belly!) :lol:

Might think about dragging out the old cool box and experimenting with some cold packs and towels to see if I can make a cooler storage place.

How are the rest of you coping?


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    I don't do the jabbing things but I see that NRAS issued a statement about metoject during the last hot spell (5 years ago :lol: ) They advise people to transfer it to the fridge but to warm it up before use. The posts below it seem quite interesting too
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    Thanks for that, Sticky. Very useful link.

    With all the Benepali and Metoject that HAH wants me to store, seven of one and nine of the other, there’s going to be very little room in the fridge for anything else.

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    It'll just have to be a liquid diet, then :wink: Red is fine at room temperature :D
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    I have a 12volt coolbox that I have a 240v to 12v adapter for, if we have a few guests I run it full of beer without any ice packs and it'll cool that down to refreshing levels. With an icepack it'll stay cool all day.

    I leave the red wine on a quarry tile floor, don't want it too warm!😆
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    Mine is in a north-facing cupboard and I've just checked the temperature - a mere 24 so hopefully it's OK (I injected this morning so I'll soon find out!). It can stay there, I keep the humira in the door of the kitchen fridge but have room for overspill in the garage fridge. I find the storage of the sharps more of a nuisance, they're huge.

    I use thighs for the meth and stomach for the humira, alternating the sides too as best I can seeing as how one is weekly and the other fortnightly. Wot larks, Pip! DD