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I've just cooked 30 fishfingers, a tin of sausages and beans, a tin of meatballs and about ten slices of toast. Blown up the swimming pool, cleaned and filled it, got the waterslide ready and moved the large umbrella into position, served up 6 ice creams.....its the school holidays.

Add in half a gallon of sunscreen, large quantities of water and biscuits and we have four satisfied and tired kiddies.


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    And one exhausted Grandad.

    Well done, Airwave. This should be on the LWA 'Triumphs' thread.
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    You did well to cater for all those.. :lol: tiring but such good fun :D ..we did the same but just for the youngest and her friend and they both got stung... :shock: so have stocked up on sting relief :roll: