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I need to buy a new mattress and have both rheumatoid and osteopath arthritis. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good mattress to get? There is so much choice out there.


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    Mattresses are personal, what suits one will not suit another. We bought ours from John Lewis after much time spent in various bedding shops. We spent time in each, trying a variety (and not just by pressing with our hands). At JL the knowledgeable assistant assessed our usual sleeping postures (the first sales assistant to show a genuine interest in our needs) taught us the small of the back hand test and we ended up with two singles, mine is very firm, his is soft. They are traditionally made, natural stuffings, very deep and it's a my favourite place to be (I have PsA and OA) The only drawback is they require turning so when we renew I hope to find two singles that won't. Both are 3' wide so we now have a very roomy superking. Bliss.

    Many love their memory foam, I dislike it as it makes me too warm but I believe the newer kinds have corrected this fault.

    I think this is one of those things that has to be bought after personal research, you have to get out there and put in the work. I am fortunate with living in a reasonably large town so had plenty of choice. DD
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    Thanks. I know it is very personal but where I live the options to go and test mattresses is very limited. Hoped I might get some ideas as to type of mattress to go for as may have to order online.
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    This is a topic which keeps coming up for obvious reasons. Most of us don't get as good a night's sleep as we might due to the arthritis but precisely because of the arthritis we need as good a one as we can get.

    Even with arthritis, though, we are all different and our needs and preferences are different too. I guess the big divide on here is memory foam or not. I loved my first memory foam mattress because it supported me (I have RA and OA in most joints) as no other did before it but memory foam can be very hot. And it can make turning over in bed even more difficult.

    When it needed replacing (They reckon about every ten years) we opted for a mattress which was mostly pocket sprung mattress with the top 2” memory foam. This was so good we recently replaced it with a virtually identical one.

    Here is a Which guide to choosing the best type of mattress for you. . Even so, and despite the difficulties, I'd never buy something so crucial to health online. I'd bide my time and wait until an opportunity arose to go to a decent bed shop where, like DD, I'd lie on them to try them out. Also bear in mind that, if your bed itself is old, putting a new mattress on top will not give you anything like the full comfort of a a new mattress on a new bed. Disability is very expensive.

    I do hope you find something that will help.
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    Patcher wrote:
    I need to buy a new mattress and have both rheumatoid and osteopath arthritis. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good mattress to get? There is so much choice out there.


    With having Kyphoscoliosis and the beginnings of something to do with arthritis which could either be Psoriatic arthritis or Osteoperosis in my back which they still are testing for to confirm even though its taken 7 months+ to get this far. I have had trouble myself sleeping at night, so i put a 2 and a half inch thick memory foam topper on my old mattress and that seemed to help for a while. Then the time came where i had to buy a new mattress and i made the fatal mistake of buying a orthopedic mattress off ebay which supposed to be good for people with back problems and it turned out to be to hard and i couldn't sleep on it and had to go through the rubbish of getting a refund and then getting rid of the mattress that i bought. We took it to a charity shop in the end because with it being one of these rolled up matresses when i recieved it there was no way of packing it and sending it back. Now i have a pocket sprung standard 3 ft wide mattress with a new memory foam topper on top and that seems to work for me thankfully and i bought it from a local shop and tried it out before i bought it. So its always best to buy from a local shop and try them out.
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    I was given a brand spanking new memory foam bed. May sound daft but it’s a really warm system.

    I also wonder could being this hot be the answer to my weight loss? Just a thought I have been thinking.
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    👎for the memory foam for all the reasons above. 👍for a firm natural fibre filling.