Naughty Nibbles for your pet cat.

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A scrummy recipe for the very occasional cat treat. I found this in the latest Animal Matters Magazine from the Wood Green Animal Charity. visit



1 tin Tuna in spring water drained. Keep drained off spring water and freeze into ice cubes (not brine or oil) to give your cat on hot days.
80g boiled brown rice
1 tablespoon of wet cat food

Mix rest of ingredients into a bowl
roll mixture into 6-7 balls or patties
store in the fridge
serve at room temperature

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    :D:D :animal_busy: :animal_busy: lovely, I am sure all our puskins would partake in this delight. Thanks Kath, most kind. Mother and Sleek and Mrs Darcey already approve of it, oh, and Tom Thumb XX
    XX Aidan (still known as Bubbles).