Unintended Exercises - Part 2

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1. Decide to prepare salad early despite feeling tired so as to then be able to relax with a glass of summat lovely when Mr SW returns from golf course.

2. Remove celery from fridge and, in doing so, knock an opened box of blackberries.

3. Watch in dismay as blackberry box, in turn, knocks over opened grape box.

4. Make futile attempt at catching everything as it falls.

5. Contemplate messy floor with its mix of blackberries and grapes, half of which have detached themselves from the stalk.

6. Think briefly of leaving it all for Mr SW to sort when he returns.

7. Decide I'm better than that.

8. Get pick-up stick and pick up boxes first.

9. Pick up grapes still attached to stalk, half of which immediately detach themselves and reunite with mates on floor.

10. Repeat stage 6.

11. One by one pick up messy objects and release into boxes.

12. Wash fruit.

13. Wash pick-up stick.

14. Wash and dry floor.

15. Forget salad. Brew up instead.


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    Sticky- my day went in a similar vein. A very large forsythia arch died in the winter frosts, the arch is 40 odd years old and twisted together. I nearly gave in at this point but thought I'd at least start clearing, what a mess I made, I had to ask for madams help when she came in.

    Thats my exercise for a while, I feel like an old man today.
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    Household dominoe toppling - not one of my favourite pastimes but so easily done. I hope the cuppa was a suitable reward. DD
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    Airwave, you tried. That's the main thing. Though, when you wrote of the mess you'd made I was reminded of a children's picture book which I and my sons loved - and still do. It's called What-a-Mess the Good and it's by Frank Muir. What-a-Mess is a dog with good intentions but poor execution. It's the illustrations which we love.