Hyaluronic Injections

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My GP mentioned trying hyaluronic injections, I have no idea where to begin to find out where I get these done and what the cost is. Has anyone tried these and did they work?


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    I know that some have had them but cannot recall if they were effective: perhaps the best place to start is by contacting your GPs surgery, they may be able to give you the pertinent information for your area or at least point you in the right direction towards responsible practitioners. Good luck. DD
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    I remember someone mentioning these a while back. I think it's about £1,000 per course. Hang on :wink: and I'll try to find the thread. Here we are - actually several threads https://tinyurl.com/ybab7owk

    Also, this is ARUK's page on them.


    Good luck :D
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