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Recently my hands have been very painful and joints have been swelling and fingers locking. Also had loads of pain in my right hip and have to sleep with a heat pad.

Gp said it was Osteoarthritis and gave me Naproxen. I got sent for x-rays and just had a call to tell me no further action needed?

When I asked the Receptionist if I had Osteoarthritis or not, she said she couldn't discuss it with me, only to tell me no further action needed.

Obviously I am very pleased, but very confused as to whether I have Osteoarthritis or not???

Thank you for any advice :)


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    Hello Islandhealer. I'm not one of the Helpline team, just a forum member.I'm not surprised you are confused, and the receptionist could usefully have explained that s/he can't answer your query and that you need to discuss it with a doctor. The short answer is that you may well have OA, but the X-ray report will say no further action needed if what is shown does not require some sort of intervention(eg not bad enough for surgery). However that is not the same as saying there is nothing to be done by either yourself or your GP, so you need an appointment to see him/her to discuss the X-ray report. You might also want to ask for a copy of the report if you feel that would be helpful - not everyone wants to get that involved. If it is OA then your GP will be the one responsible for managing it with you; that will be things like pain relief, advice about exercise, lifestyle factors(weight, smoking etc)physio referrals if necessary.
    One thing to bear in mind(I speak from experience on this one!) is that what is shown on the X-ray is not an indication of what the patient might be experiencing.
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    Hi Islandhealer,

    Thank you for posting on our Helplines forum. I am sorry to hear you are experiencing pain in your hands and hip.

    It sounds as if your GP thinks you have osteoarthritis (OA). As daffy2 has said, OA can be diagnosed on X-ray, so your X-rays may have confirmed that you do have OA. I agree with daffy2's helpful response. You could arrange an appointment with your GP to clarify your diagnosis and discuss the X-ray report and treatment. A telephone appointment may be quicker than waiting for a face-to-face appointment.

    In the meantime, you may find our Managing Pain booklet helpful. See:

    If you do have OA and you would like to talk things through, you are very welcome to call our Arthritis Care free helpline on 0808 800 4050 weekdays 9.30 – 5pm.

    For information about Living with OA, follow this link:

    I hope this helps.

    Best wishes,

    Fiona, Helplines Worker