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Hello all.

Well it's nearly three years since my right hip was replaced, my last post here was in fact in 2016 when I reached a year post replacement. The replaced hip is brilliant and hasn't given me a moment's trouble I am pleased to say. :D

Unfortunately, my left hip has now decided to give up the ghost and I am due to to see a Consultant Orthopod on Friday. Since my first THR we have moved from Surrey to Devon, so I am interested to know what the process will be down west ... and if I will have to wait longer etc. I will post in the forum as and when I have any info and would appreciate anyone who has any info on wait times in Devon sharing same! Many thanks.


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    Hi there :D It's lovely to see you again and even better to hear that all is well with the THR.

    I know nothing about Devon (We moved in the opposite direction to Scotland) but I do think you're more likely to get replies if you re-post on the Living With Arthritis forum and make your request explicit in the title of your thread. 'Devon Waiting Times' or something of the kind.

    I do hope the new experience will be every bit as good as the old.