Waiting time for THR in Devon

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Hello all.

Well it's nearly three years since my right hip was replaced, my last post here was in fact in 2016 when I reached a year post replacement. The replaced hip is brilliant and hasn't given me a moment's trouble I am pleased to say. :D

Unfortunately, my left hip has now decided to give up the ghost and I am due to to see a Consultant Orthopod on Friday. Since my first THR we have moved from Surrey to Devon, so I am interested to know what the process will be down west ... and if I will have to wait longer etc. I will post in the forum as and when I have any info and would appreciate anyone who has any info on wait times in Devon sharing same! I am seeing the Consultant in Exeter. Many thanks.


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    I cant help regarding hip replacements but I know the list for TKR is currently 12months in Exeter ( my name was added last week) so I suspect you may well have a wait on your hands. Good luck!
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    Hi newhipandy
    lovely to hear from you again and great hear that your first hip replacement is working really well for you.
    As regards the waiting list for Exeter unfortunately we don't hold that information. If you can be flexible it is always worth asking to be put on the cancellation list, which means you may well get your operation sooner but it might be at quite short notice.
    I have done this in the past and it meant I only waited 12 weeks but that was in a different county. We look forward to hearing how it all goes
    Best Wishes
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    Thank you Buka. Yes, you are right about the wait. I saw the consultant this morning and it looks like his list is a year too. I have asked to be added to the cancellation list as well.

    That feels like a very long time ... There was much in the news yesterday about the exceeded waiting list times (from eighteen weeks to a year+) so fingers crossed that some more government money will be forthcoming to enable the Health Service to achieve some reduction ... I am not looking for any political debate on that! - it is just a hope :D
    In the meantime ... I will continue to challenge the deterioration in my hip through keeping as fit as possible while I wait as i know this helps the post operative period.
    Anyone with Osteoarthritis knows it brings pain so it is onto regular painkillers from now on and try to be patient!

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