desperately need advice re shoes/boots in UK

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Hi everyone. I have hallux limitus (almost rigidus now) in both my big toes and am having SO much trouble trying to find recommendations for comfortable, stylish and affordable ladies boots and shoes in the UK. Every search I do online has loads of information and recommendations for US made footwear, but virtually nothing about what is available in the UK - either online or on the High Street.
I am looking for affordable footwear and especially rocker soles as I have been told this is the best design for this condition.
I purchased a pair of Hotter flat shoes a few months ago and some flat T-bar very unglamorous shoes from a shop called Shuropody on the High Street. I was also advised to buy ortho- insoles to wear in them (the total bill was well over £100 !) but to be honest they make no difference to the pain in my toes and if anything - they are MORE uncomfortable than regular flipflops which I live in all Summer. With Winter approaching i'm getting desperate for comfortable footwear and would be really grateful for any tips and suggestions please ?


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    This topic comes up time and again. I have PsA in all my toes plus OA in my ankles, knees and hips. Any style of footwear hurts to wear and to walk in thanks to the damage in the joints, nothing is going to undo that. I cannot stand flip-flops for lengthy walking as they offer no support.

    I stick to Clarks, Oxygen, Seasalt and Sainsbury's. My shoes are bright and colourful, all flat with either a T bar or laces (I buy colourful laces too). I have custom-made orthotics and they don't reduce pain either - the damage is done but at least they force my knees to face the front. My disease is dull and boring but that doesn't mean I have to be the same. DD
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    Do some searches, loads of info in here.

    Try walking type trainer shoes with full soles with no separate heel. Lots of internal cushioning but still firm enough to support the foot. A vist to the hospital pediatrist will provide some foot supports made out of carbon to fit your insoles, ours do it every two years.

    I buy one size too big to allow for the stuck up shape of my fused toe.
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    It might be worth googling “NHS shoes”

    I’m not sure if your foot condition would qualify but I know some people are able to have special footwear supplied on the NHS.

    It’s not very bonny - but when pain alleviation and comfort are the important factors, it could be a solution.

    I hope you find something.
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    Having found a design that suits me I am now on my nineth pair with the next ready to go. Change shoes and it sets in motion increased pain that travels up my body and takes a long long time to settle into some sort of normality.
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    I too struggle on this issue.

    I have severe arthritis in big toe joint and am awaiting a toe fusion for it, moderate arthritis in left too similarly.

    I have very small wide feet and no one makes shoes for my size, but i cannot afford hand made ones.

    I have sandals which I have worn since March, when the big toe situation flared up, and after a lot of shopping around decided to give up on shoes until I was in a shop in Wroxham and found a pair of shoes with a zip on the top, I bought a size bigger than my usual size and it seems to do the trick.

    So don't give up hope, be prepared to compromise and you may find something that will do.

    By not stretch are any of the shoes/sandals comfortable but they do, and cause me less pain than any alternatives.

    Good luck.