Arthritis and depression

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Hi, I've been dignosed with Arthritis for four years and since been dignosed I don't go out much and don't see a lot of people I use to know. I'm feeling so low , depressed and lonely. Sometimes I feel like given up and ending it. The only thing that keeps me from doing it is my long time canine company, my 8 year old staff (Sheba ). Who has been there through think and thin. My family live in the North East (I live in the South East England ). I no longer work and due to my mobility, I don't get out at all now.

I feel desperate and I'm at a loss to how to move on from all the negative and challenging thoughts I have on a regular basis. I'm due at the doctor's today but feel I'll not get much help because usually I get to there's nothing they can do.
If anyone has any advice I'll welcome it. Thanks😕