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Just as I was finished injecting my Erelzi ( & after taking hydroxy & leflunomide) I realised that I was feeling a bit unwell. I quickly started shivering, sneezing, cough & sore throat. I didn’t take last nights doses of Dmards but of course the Erelzi is weekly. I know we are advised to stop meds when poorly but my medical background questions the wisdom of this. Dmards & biologics do not have a beneficial effect until several weeks after starting them so it concludes that the half life continues after stopping them. So, the immune system is still compromised even if the Dmards are stopped. What do other people do?


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    My hospital, a teaching one, has always advised me to stop my meds when I have a sore throat, temperature of other signs of infection. Having a suppressed immune system means we do not produce the symptoms of illness as quickly as those whose don't, it's not unheard of for those like us to be very ill without knowing it.

    When poorly I stop my DMARD for a week or two, as my humira is fortnightly missing a dose is more complicated re. the timing of restarting but I don't notice any deterioration in matters. The idea is to allow the immune system to fire up to help clear the infection, missing a dose or two is no big deal due to the residual in the body. I like it when anti-biotics become involved as they actually make me feel generally better despite being 'properly' ill. Get better soon and and I hope you are considering a 'flu jab. DD
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    Yes, I’ve had flu jabs for many years as it ( although not “ compulsory”) was frowned upon if I didn’t. I was an A& E Nurse, then a Practice Nurse. Couldn’t really give up to 100 flu jabs per day and refuse to have one myself.
    I feel a little better today but I’ll leave the Dmards off for a few more days.
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    Like DD I'm told to stop DMARD's at first signs of an infection, and remain off them until I'm properly recovered, as I have asthsma and bronchiectasis this sometimes takes several weeks-though when the chest flares the resultant steroids damp down the rheumatoid-I guess every cloud has a silver lining. :shock:

    Hope you feel well again soon.

    Deb x

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