Inflammatory arthritis - hair loss and / or eye problems

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Apologies - this is two new topics in as many hours but another thing I'm wondering is whether there's a link between the joint inflammation I'm having and hair loss and eye problems I'm having at just the same time. Loads of hair coming out each time I wash it and I can't tolerate the contact lenses I've worn for ages and have very sore, dry, light sensitive eyes with not great vision. Timing coincides with joints becoming active and strong fatigue over the last six weeks. The rheumatologist is uninterested in these other symptoms, but I'm worried they might be and just generally that all systems seem to be falling to bits! Anyone have either of these with inflammatory arthritis?


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    Not sure about the hair though some DMARD's list hair loss as a potential side effect. I have RA and dry eyes, and I was told it's not unusual for dry eyes to occur alongside inflammatory arthritis. I have gel tears to apply up to 4 times a day that deals very effectively with the eye irritation. It may be worth asking your GP?

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    I have OA which sometimes gets rather active in terms of joint inflammation and at those times I do have a lot of trouble with my eyes - in fact sometimes the eye problems are an early warning!
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    I'm losing my hair, it's always been baby-fine, I've been taking injected meth for eight years and I will be 60 next year so nothing in there is a recipe for thick flowing locks. It doesn't bother me either, it's now slightly longer than skinhead (thanks to going to Latitude earlier this year, who needs the fuss?) and a doddle to deal with. As for the eyes the one thought that occurred to me is Sjogren's Syndrome but I am not a doc and cannot diagnose. DD
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    Thanks everyone. I will be asking my rheumatologist about sj syndrome. And good to know dry eyes happen with ra at times. Never had it when I had active arthritis previously and just now is far worse than the joints in terms of being worrisome.
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    I have very dry eyes and can no longer wear contacts and have to use drops sometimes.

    My hair isn't as thick as it once was, I just style it differently, my hairdresser is also great
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    HJ, dry eyes is definitely associated with RA. I had mine investigated in my local eye hospital. The Dr actually called it arthritis of the eyes. He went on to explain that the inflammatory process that affects the joints also affects the eyes. He prescribed cream and drops. To my discredit I didn’t continue with either as the cream at night made my eyes stick together and I couldn’t read in bed and the drops had to be used 4 times a day. This was really annoying as it meant I could never wear eye make up. Eventually the constant watering eased ( or I just learned to cope with it). Since then I have also developed huge floaters in both eyes ( again fully investigated) but I don’t know if this is connected to the RA.