I need some help please

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Hi Everyone,

Does anyone here have any knowledge/experience of spinal arthritis in the lower back? My doctor is insisting that the pain is coming from my hip (which has come back from x ray as moderate arthritis) I can accept this but I am also hearing and feeling crunching when I move my low back around. Thank you


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    Please don't take my word for this but, as I understand it, crackling noises from a joint are known as crepitus and are not normally anything to worry about. I'm sure others on here have experienced hip pain in their back but I guess only the x-rays will determine if that is the case for you. Have you thought of seeing a physio? They're often very good at working out what's not working as it should and giving exercises to help.
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    Hi, you may find that the oa in your hip is being made worse or vice versa by oa in the spine, the muscles, tendons and ligaments will be put out by all this and in a state of confusion.

    Some help from an osteopath to loosen everything up may help followed by some light exercise on a long term basis?

    Some of the bummmfff from AC might lead you in the right direction?