thigh problems

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I find increasingly I have to put my hand under my thigh to help lift it . I have arthritic hips and seveer back ache


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    Your muscles are weak and, naturally, you are trying to minimise pain by not exercising them. This means that they will weaken further until more hurts in more places.

    Exercise is key, it's not in the interests of running marathons or sprinting faster than Bolt, neither is it a case of spending hours in a gym but it is in the general interest of regaining what you have lost and slowing the natural deterioration in your circumstances caused by the disease. I have strengthened my thigh muscles over the last year and, although the benefits are limited, they are making a difference to the quality of my life. I am walking further than ever without aids which is a good thing but achieving it has been far from easy and certainly not pain-free. :lol: DD
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    I'm sure DD is right. Many of your former threads are seeking how to support muscles. This can sometimes be necessary for short periods but exercise is the key to strengthening them, enabling them to do their job properly and support the joints. This means we have less pain. Here is what Arthritis Care says about exercise with a link to their booklet on it.
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