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Hello! I am 52 and have become plagued with osteoarthritis over the past 2 years. Started with my thumb, then after an injury, both knees (had arthroscopy on one for torn meniscus). And with a history of TMJ, now I feel like I have it in my jaw. Not sure if that's possible? Normal? And my shoulders and hips hurt too. My biggest frustration is I'm completely allergic to anti-inflammatory meds. No aspiring, no nsaids, no ibuprofin. Currently I swim daily but still have major issues with sleep deprivation. Going to the ortho next week to see what can be done. Typically I just keep getting steroid injections. Would love to hear other suggestions.


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    Dear basigirl,

    Welcome to the forum, I’m part of the moderation team, we look after our members, keeping the site safe and as free of spam etc as we can. Any queries with the forum let us know.

    You do sound to be in a lot of pain, with your thumb, knees and now maybe other joints joining in. I too have multiple joints affected by osteoarthritis.

    In the UK we are mainly looked after by our general practitioner (GP) doctor. They can organise physiotherapy, pain relief - both by medication and some alternative types, like using a tens machine, acupuncture and such. Here’s a link to some alternative therapies that have been useful for those of us with osteoarthritis

    I can understand being unable to take anti inflammatory medicines must be hard. I think most of us have side effects with various meds, particularly those for pain, though these do lessen with time as our bodies get used to them. How are you with drugs like amitriptylene? I take it at night as a muscle relaxant to help my sleep

    Can you get a referral to a pain clinic? I found my appointment with them excellent, they did tweak my meds but also helped me understand the nature of pain, how it’s triggered and this helped me hugely.

    Let us know how you get on at your next appointment

    Take care
    Yvonne x
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    Hello. I don't think I can add much to what Mod Yvonne has said.

    Many of us on here can't take NSAIDS for one reason or another which usually means the misnamed :wink: painkillers. I have RA and OA and i try to keep them to a minimum. I presume the steroid jabs you have are the ones which go directly into a joint. If so, I guess that's a lot of steroids.

    Well done on the swimming which will help with your mobility. I find exercise is essential for maintaining it.

    Please let us know what your consultant suggests.
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    This is my third attempt at answering (we are away, I am on a tablet which is not user-friendlyfor those with arthritic fingers and the broadband keeps dropping out :x )

    Have you heard of capsaicin cream? It has been proven to be of some use in reducing inflammation and thus reducing pain and, as far as I know, the ingredients do not include the substances to which you are intolerant. I prefer my OA inflammation to that caused by my other arthritis because it is localised which means I can, to some extent, control its severity. I keep my pain relief to the minimum so when my joints begin to twang in earnest I know to stop and rest. DD
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    I forgot to say that any joint can become arthritic, as we have a fair few the disease options are far from limited. DD