Coping with pain & not sleeping & sorting about forthcoming second wrist fusion.

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Hi I thought I would join back in as it has been a long time since I have felt up to posting.
I have ostoarthritis & have been learning to cope with having my right wrist fused, am now a year in & starting to think I made the right choice even with the limitations of what I can do now.
It's worth it to be pain free in my left wrist & hand, but it did make it very difficult to cope with having my second knee replaced in February this year.
Walking with crutches when you cannot bend your wrist is very awkward so I compensate with my other wrist which is much more painful.
I have seen my surgeon about getting my other wrist fused as I have now decided I can no longer cope with the pain.
I have not had a full nights sleep in the last 18 years, unless I have been under full sedation or pain care in hospital.
So am hoping that before the end of this year I will have reached the stage of having more metal in me than a mecano set.
So far I have had both hips resurfaced, both knees replaced & I have had my left wrist fused & right one on the waiting list for.
Like others on here living on pain killers & living from day to day hoping to get at least 3 hours sleep in before it's time to get up & get through another day.
Still I count myself lucky as I am supported by an excellent employer who has kept my services in between operations & recovering from them.
Not sure what I would be like if I was unable to feel productive by working in some kind of employment.

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