Osteoarthritis Hips Knees Wrists & just broke me leg!

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Hi I thought I would join back in as it has been a long time since I have felt up to posting.
I have ostoarthritis & have been learning to cope with having my right wrist fused, am now a year in & starting to think I made the right choice even with the limitations of what I can do now.
It's worth it to be pain free in my left wrist & hand, but it did make it very difficult to cope with having my second knee replaced in February this year.
Walking with crutches when you cannot bend your wrist is very awkward so I compensate with my other wrist which is much more painful.
I have seen my surgeon about getting my other wrist fused as I have now decided I can no longer cope with the pain.
I have not had a full nights sleep in the last 18 years, unless I have been under full sedation or pain care in hospital.
So am hoping that before the end of this year I will have reached the stage of having more metal in me than a mecano set.
So far I have had both hips resurfaced, both knees replaced & I have had my left wrist fused & right one on the waiting list for.
Like others on here living on pain killers & living from day to day hoping to get at least 3 hours sleep in before it's time to get up & get through another day.
Still I count myself lucky as I am supported by an excellent employer who has kept my services in between operations & recovering from them.
Not sure what I would be like if I was unable to feel productive by working in some kind of employment

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    Welcome back viewmaster.

    It's good to see your name again on the board.

    Best wishes

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    Thanks to both of you!
    As long as I can continue to adjust what & how I do things over time & get as many as possible useful aids to accomplish tasks that have become impossible to do without assistance.
    Hopefully we can all support each other in swapping advise & ideas & practical & emotional support.

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    When I read your replies Viewmaster and Grace111 I thought of this thread:


    It has loads of tips others have found useful.

    Good attitude to have I think nice and positive :)

    Take care

    Toni xx
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    My longest lasting useful aide has to be my sock aide for putting socks on, a simple plastic device that is like a piece of guttering that you slide one of you socks on.
    Then slide your foot into the opening & using the 2 straps on each side slide it under your foot & up past your heal.
    Mine is about 14 years old now & on its second set of straps & have not seen another like it since.
    Have things for buttons & a long reach grab is a must, as is a magnet on a telescoping tube for getting things you drop.
    Many cordless things as not having wires is easier, seat for the shower & long reach plastic sponge & brush device.

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    I feel your pain buddy had both wrists fused both knee replaced and left ankle fused last year i used these funny flatish crutches some one on here will know what they are called