I am frightened

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I went to take a shower today and couldn't get my shirt off because of the pain in my left shoulder. I couldn't move it without severe pain, and it wouldn't move very much. Right shoulder is also starting to go that way.

Then when I finally got the shirt off, the sleeve went against my thumb joint, which threw out our of place.

I don't know what to do. IF I have to have someone come and help me dress and dress every day, I don't think I can live with that.

The disability from the RA is advancing very fast. Seems as if each week something else goes.

I am truly panicked.

Thanks for listening.


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    Struggles with clothes are a feature of life with arthritis sadly. If you post on Living with arthritis you will probably get more responses as more people read that.
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    Oh turtle :(

    I am so sorry to hear you got stuck in your clothes and getting them of hurt something else :(

    There is loads you can do with clothes to make life easier though.

    Elastic waists on trousers and skirts prevent the need for buttons and zips for example. Some people attach a key ring loop to zips to make the easier and if you know a good seamstress Velcro can help loads...this thread has lots of tips from those in the know - us lot!


    Sending you some ((())) take care

    Toni xx
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    Hello turtle and a warm welcome form me
    you have us to talk to , but also see your GP..in case you need something to get through ..there are so many ups and downs with arthritis..
    Like the other have said there are ways and means..with clothes ..but I do hope you can get some help either off your Rheumy or GP..just to get on top of the pain...x