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Hi, I am suffering from osteoarthritis. I met with Reumathologyst already who gave me antidepressant which is nearly killed me.
I am on ESA for a few month, after that I have to goback to work.
Jobcentre plus and DWP put me into the group, where my job attitud will be improving. However my health condition is not important. I can not get bus pass because I do not have PIP.

I have lot of qestion but no staff who can answer me.


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    Hi Bessy welcome to the forums sorry you are going through a lot at the moment. Everyone on the forum has Arthritis of some kind and are very friendly and everyone is understanding and willing to help with advice.
    Just chat on one of the forums chit chat and Living with Arthritis being the most popular. All the best Christine
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    Poor you Bessy!

    I wonder what medication nearly killed you :?

    The benefits system doesn't seem at all supportive of those with long term conditions like OA does it?

    Have you thought about ringing the helplines for advice here? The number is above here at the top of the page in the black bit.

    Take care

    Toni xx
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    Hello Bessie and a warm welcome form me..by the way I like your avatar :) I agree you should phone the helpline or ask cab for an appointment..they are very good..its sad that there isn't enough help for people with health conditions that have to work..I do hope you can get some help..
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    Hello, I am sorry you are having such a rough time and I hope we can help.

    My rheumatologist ignores my OA leaving that for my GP to deal with: likewise the GP ignores my psoriatic arthrtis, leaving that for the rheumatologist. For the OA I take 30/500 cocodamol and ensure I don't overdo things. If I do, and it worsens, I will use an ibuprophen gel on the specific areas which are affected. The meds for the PsA don't improve the OA which is no surprise.

    I hope you find the forum to be of interest, we all get it because we've all got it. DD